Important Reasons Not To Delay Roof Repair When A Leak Appears

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A leak in the roof might seem like an inconvenience that the household can cope with for now and have fixed later. Unfortunately, this can lead to bigger problems. Homeowners should contact a contractor providing roofing repair services when a leak appears. This person may be able to patch the leak for an affordable price while also ruling out issues that could damage the building.

Potential Problems

Setting a bucket beneath the dripping ceiling is not an effective way to manage this problem. Rainwater might be trickling down elsewhere in the building as it travels under the slanted roof deck. It could be invisible behind a wall in the home.

Mold Spores

Mold could develop in damp insulation. If the home has a forced-air furnace and central air conditioner, spores may be drawn to the appliance through return registers. Any mold spores that get through the filters are distributed back in through vents.

Structural Damage

In addition, the wood can start to rot. Hidden leaks might gradually cause so much damage that part of the ceiling or wall buckles and collapses. The household residents notice the first signs as drywall or plaster bubbling, cracking, or discoloring. If this happens in the attic or a closet that's rarely opened, nobody may notice these issues. Significant structural damage could occur before anyone hears the ceiling or wall cave in or sees new, alarming evidence of a bigger leak.

Homeowners who think one small leak is not a big deal may wind up having to pay a general contractor for repair work. That's in addition to having the roof repaired.

Insurance Considerations

Home insurance does not cover these types of destructive results. Wear to a roof over the years is expected. Policyholders are supposed to watch for problems and not ignore them. They should not just set a bucket under a dripping ceiling and do nothing further.

Nailing a tarp over the problem area is a short-term solution, but even the most durable tarps eventually deteriorate because of ongoing exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The Smart Solution

Hiring a roofing contractor to locate the leak and make the repair is the smart solution. The roofer can discover the source of the problem and make an effective patch. New composition shingles, commonly called asphalt shingles, are needed to replace any that will be removed. Once the work is complete, the homeowners have peace of mind that there will be no water damage to the home caused by a leaky roof.