Installing Built-Up Roofing On Your Building

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The type of roof that you have installed on your home or commercial building can be a critical factor that will influence the durability, efficiency, and aesthetics of the building. Understanding the full range of options when it comes to the roofing systems that are available for your building can help you with making the right choice for your structure's needs. Built-up roofing systems are an option that is capable of providing you with substantial benefits. it may be an uncommon option when people are wanting to replace their building's roof, but it can be a great choice for your roof.

What Makes Built-Up Roofing Systems Preferable For Some Buildings?

A built-up roofing system will be among the most durable options that you can choose for your building. One of these roofing systems will be composed of multiple layers of asphalt and specially engineered fabrics. This can allow these roofing systems to be far less prone to developing leaks or other openings that could create performance problems for the structure. Furthermore, these multiple layers can act as effective insulation that will be able to reduce the heat transfer that can occur when the roof becomes extremely hot during the summer months or cold during the winters.

Can Any Building Utilize A Built-Up Roofing Systems?

While a built-up roofing system is able to offer you substantial benefits when it comes to your building, these roofing systems need certain criteria to be met. Ideally, this type of roofing will need to be installed on a flat surface. While it may be possible to install it on a roof that has a slight incline, a professional roofing contractor will need to inspect the roof to determine whether it is compatible with this type of roofing system.

Will A Built-Up Roofing System Take Substantially Longer To Install?

Roof replacements and installations can be highly disruptive events for those that are in the building. This can make it necessary for individuals to be mindful of the amount of time that the new roofing system will take to install. A built-up roofing system will take slightly longer to install, due to the fact that there will be multiple layers that have to be installed. However, the enhanced durability of this roofing system will allow you to go for far longer before it comes time to have a new roof installed. As a result, it may actually be a more effective option for those wanting to minimize downtime.