Need To Have A Roof Installed This Winter? Follow These Tips

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While it is ideal to have your roof installed during the summer when the weather is nice, it may not be an option for you. Here are some tips that will help with installing a roof during winter weather.

Store The Shingles In a Warm Place

A common mistake that is made when installing a roof in the winter is working with shingles that are too cold. Shingles may be designed to survive winter weather conditions on your roof, but that doesn't mean that the material should match those cold temperatures. Cold shingles tend to be brittle and break quite easily, which is a huge problem if you are hand nailing in the roofing material. 

You'll want to take steps to ensure that your shingles are stored in a warm place until the day of the roof installation. Consider putting them in a garage with a heater so that they don't get too cold, and then take them out of the garage as you need them for the roof installation job.

Ensure A Good Seal

In addition to shingle brittleness, you should also worry about the adhesive material of the shingles sticking as intended. There is actually a sealant on the shingles that is activated by heat, and only works well if the weather is warm. The sun's heat should be enough to activate that sealant, which will improve how well the shingles stick to each other. The process happens over a couple weeks, so it's not something that can be checked instantly.

Unfortunately, it's not practical to heat up all of the shingles on the roof for the adhesive to form a seal. If the shingles are not adhering to your roof, it will require additional sealant to be used. For instance, roofing cement can be applied to the underside of the shingles to ensure that they are sealing properly. 

Remember Safety

You should always put your safety first when performing a roof replacement in the winter. Conditions can be quite slippery and dangerous, and can lead to a serious injury if you are not careful. Make sure that the clothing you wear will not interfere with your ability to use equipment or maneuver on a roof. You may even want to use a harness system in case you slip on the roof's surface. 

If you don't feel confident doing your own winter roof replacement, reach out to a local roofing contractor like JCB Roofing for their assistance.