Answering Questions About Residential Roof Replacement Projects

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Roofing work can be some of the most intensive and major work that you can have done to your home. Despite roofing work being a major undertaking, it is fairly routine, which can help homeowners to become informed about the process of replacing or repairing their roof.

Is A Total Roof Replacement Always Necessary?

One of the common beliefs about roof replacement projects is that they will always involve the total removal of the previous roof before the new one is installed. In some situations, this can be avoided. At a minimum, the roof supports will need to be free of damage, and you will have to be installing a roof of the same material.

Is Slate Always The Best Option For A Roof Material?

When you have come to the decision to upgrade to a different type of roof, it is often assumed that slate will always be the ideal material for use in a roof. While slate is a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing material, it has some limitations that you will want to consider. For example, the slate roof will be difficult to repair, which can make it more likely to have to replace large sections of it when damage occurs. Also, a slate roof can be immensely heavy, which will often lead to the roof supports needing to be upgraded to accommodate this heavier weight. If you are wanting the aesthetic look of slate without these drawbacks, it is possible to choose a slate composite that is lighter while retaining much of the appearance and durability of natural slate.

Will It Be Difficult To Add A Skylight To The Roof Later?

Many homeowners may one day want to have a skylight added to their home. This can greatly increase the amount of natural light inside the house, and some skylights can be automatically opened so as to improve ventilation. However, if you are wanting a skylight added, a roof replacement can be the perfect opportunity to make this change. Otherwise, you will find that it can be far more difficult to add the skylight in the future when the roof has been completed. A roofing contractor will be able to help explain the changes that will need to be made so that a skylight can be installed. While this may slightly increase the complexity and cost of your roof replacement, it may allow you to achieve your goal of having a skylight to bring in more natural light.

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