Spring Is Here: Tips For Cleaning Your Roof

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With the warm weather of spring finally upon us, it's time to start thinking of all the maintenance that needs to be done outside of your house. One thing that may be on your list of things to do is to clean your roof. These are some tips that will help you do it.

Clear Away Debris

Now that the snow and ice are gone, you can safely go onto your roof and remove all of the debris that has fallen on it over the past year. Start removing branches and leaves that are stuck on places of the roof and clearing the gutters of debris that was trapped all winter long. You may discover mold growth underneath leaves but don't be too concerned about it now, since you'll be cleaning it later.

Look For Damage

It is a good time to look for damage while you're removing debris from the roof. Look at the flashing and make sure that it is holding up with no holes in the material or places where it is no longer attached to the roof. Shingles may be missing, damaged, or missing granules on the surface that protect your home from the sun. All of these things are worth making note of so that you can address them later.

Clean Your Roof

There are several methods that can be used to clean a roof. If you're using any sort of water sprays, make sure that you do not aim it upward when spraying it onto your roof. You run the chance of getting water trapped underneath your shingles, which can cause water to leak down to your roof deck. That is why it is always best to spray downward so that the water runs off the surface just like rainwater. Your roof is not designed to protect it from water spraying upward.

Call A Professional

Some things are best left to a professional when it comes to your roof. All of the damage that you discovered can be difficult to do roof repair on your own if you do not know what you're doing. By having a professional perform the repairs for you, it will help ensure that everything is done correctly and that water won't get into your home. They can even help clean your roof if you do not feel confident getting up there with the proper tools to get the job done.