Residential Roofing Supplies Used During Installation

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You call up a professional roofer to have your home's shingled roof replaced, and they show up at your house with a truckload of roofing, multiple tools, and all kinds of supplies. If you are curious about home structures and construction at all, your curiosity will be piqued by all the supplies the professionals pull out to tackle the project at hand. Take a look at a short list of some of the supplies you will see used during your residential roof installation

Felt Paper - Felt paper will be unloaded in long rolls whenever the roofers get to the point that they are ready to put down the new shingles. Felt paper does a few important things to help support the roof as a system, including:

The felt paper goes over the entire expanse of the roof, at every surface and every angle. This means that quite a few rolls may be brought in when the roofer is ready to get started. 

Silicone Caulking - Silicone caulking serves several purposes during a roofing installation project. The sticky sealant is often used to seal off small cracks, crevices, and holes between the edges of shingles and protruding roof features like chimneys or ventilation pipes. Because the overall purpose is for the roof to act as a solid barrier against moisture from every angle, the caulking can be used where shingles do not quite conform to the roof's features, thus creating a proper barrier. Additionally, if there are points of the roof that are oddly curved or angled, the caulking may be used to adhere shingles in place until they mold into shape over time. 

Staples - Staples are used to tack down the felt paper that goes down under the roofing shingles. Your roofer will go through a ton of staples during the process of installing the felt paper. This is because the stapes are the only fastener that will hold the felt paper steady. It is critical that the felt does not shift or move while the shingles are going down because it will compromise the overall uniformity of the shingles once they are nailed in place.