4 Magic Tricks For Improving Your Roof's Appearance

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Your roof takes a lot of burden. For decades, it has to withstand the blazing sun, gusting winds, pounding rains, and piercing snow and ice. Still, you want it to look good and well taken care of. If you're treating your roof for a makeover, here are four magic tricks for improving your roof's appearance:

Repair Damage

Wind, rain, fallen leaves, and the passage of time all damage your roof. Regular roof damage repair services by a place like COLLIER ROOFING LLC are critical for maintaining an attractive roof.

Make Tear Off a Priority

Roofs eventually reach their end of life after decades of enduring extreme weather conditions. When you realize that it is time to replace your roof, you have two options: to overlay or to take off. Overlay means putting the replacement above the original roofing. While it is cheaper and faster to do, you fail to maximize the benefits of roof replacement such as checking the sheathing and roof system for damages or potential damages. Sooner or later, these damages will become not only an eyesore but an outright disaster if left unnoticed. So, make tearing off the old roof down to the sheathing a priority to maintain not only the appearance but the integrity of the entire roofing system.

Update the Shape

Another trick that should improve your roof's appearance is to let go of the basic rectangular shape. Choose shingles that are beyond-the-basic in terms of shapes. Consider zigzag laminated shingles for a cedar-shake-like roof. If you have a steep roof, you can try scalloped-shaped shingles to evoke American Victorian feel that will instantly boost your home's curb appeal. Diamond-shaped roof with soft shades recall 19th-century French mansions, giving your home an elegant appeal. The key is to select a shape that goes well with the overall feel of your home's exterior.

Consider New Colors

You have to be more creative with your colors too! Black shingles work best with gray, green, blue, or brick siding. If your home's exterior already has a lot of varying tones, a black roof is good because it does not compete, but rather complements the existing colors. Gray that is a shade or two darker than the exterior's color can also provide a unified and tidier look. If your house is red with white trim, a medium gray roof might flatter your home. If you want to be on the safe side, off-white or creamy yellow homes will look good with brown roof. It will look a bit like a monochrome without being boring. The key is to choose a fool-proof color scheme that complements each tone in your house's exterior.

Choose the Best Roofing Contractor

Lastly, to make your roof replacement project successful, you need to choose a trusted roofing contractor to do the job. Surely, it will help you with the first three magic tricks to make your roof the fairest of them all.