Tree Fall Down On Your Home's Roof? Know What You Should Do

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Has a strong storm come through your town, which has caused a large tree limb to crash down on your home's roof? If so, it will leave your roof vulnerable until you can have it repaired. This is what you should do if you just had a large tree limb damage your roof.

Leave The Home If You Can

When you hear that large limb crash into your roof, you won't know the extent of the damage until you can have it inspected by a professional. It is best to leave the home if you are able to. You'll be uncertain of the stability of the roof, and don't know if it can collapse and harm people in your home. Always think of your safety first before the state of your home.

Call Local Authorities For Help

A tree limb falling down can cause a lot of damage beyond your roof. It may have taken out local power or communication lines that need to be repaired. It is best to contact your local authorities that handle downed power lines so that they can look at the damage that was caused. If it is an electrical line, you'll need to stay away from the area due to the risk of being electrocuted.

Call Your Insurance Provider

Damage of this magnitude is going to require a claim with your home insurance company. Call your agent to notify them of the incident, and ask about how you should proceed. They may need to have an insurance adjuster come out and assess the damage before repairs are made, or have you work with a specific roofing contractor that handles these types of repairs. Your insurance provider may also recommend that you get the problem repaired immediately to limit the damage that was caused by the falling tree limb.

Temporarily Cover The Damaged Area

You should start covering up the damaged part of your roof so that more water cannot get in. This will involve having a tarp placed over the roof and secured with 2x4 wood boards. It must be done in a way where the water rolls off the surface instead of collecting behind the wood. If you do not feel up to the task of doing this on your own, know that you can have your local roof replacement services do it for you. This can buy you some time as you sort out who is going to do the actual repair of your roof.