Reasons Why You Might Want A Metal Roof On Your Home

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If you're building a new house or if your old asphalt roof needs replaced, you should consider all the roofing options you have rather than automatically going with asphalt. Asphalt roofing is very popular, but other options, such as metal, are sometimes better. Here are some times you might want to consider metal roofing for your home.

When Metal Has A Better Appearance

Metal seems better suited for some types of homes. For instance, cabins in a wooded setting look nice with a green or metal roof that contrasts the natural wood siding. Metal roofing looks good on small cabins as well as large, luxury retreats. Although metal can be a perfect match for a cabin, the roofing material is suitable for traditional city homes as well. You may just prefer the smooth, sleek appearance of a metal roof over the granular appearance of asphalt. Metal roofing is available in sheets and shingles, so you still have some versatility in choosing the appearance of your roof.

When The Best Protection Is Important

Superior protection is always high on your list of priorities, but if the roof will be on a second home that you only visit occasionally, you want a material you can depend on to protect the home well. Metal helps protect against fire, insects, and pest animals. It's also able to tolerate rain, high wind, and hail. While hail could potentially dent the roof, it won't necessarily destroy it like it does asphalt shingles. Since it has a smooth surface, leaves and snow fall off the roof easily which prevents debris or weight accumulation.

When You Want A Roof That Lasts A Lifetime

If you dread the thought of having to replace a roof in your retirement years when you're on a fixed income, then you may want to invest in a metal roof so you won't have to replace it after several years like you would with asphalt. Metal roofs last for decades, so it's possible the roof will last as long as you live in the house. If you sell your home at some point, a metal roof could be a selling point since it is so durable that potential buyers know they won't have to replace the roof soon.

A metal roof could be the ideal choice for your new or existing home whether you plan to live in the home the rest of your life or sell it and move on in a few years. There are several benefits to having a metal roof and very few downsides. Talk to a roofing contractor like National Roofing Of Collier Inc about the pros and cons of all your roofing options so you can pick the best material for your home and your budget too.