4 Questions About Owning And Maintaining Cedar Shake Roofing Material

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You may love your home's cedar shake roof due to its traditional and natural look, as well as how the material is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Unfortunately, it is not a material that you can simply ignore. Cedar shakes do require some attention over the years to ensure that they look great and do not deteriorate prematurely. Here a a few questions about owning and maintaining the roofing material.

Will Cedar Shake Become Damaged From Heavy Rain or High Winds?

Cedar shake roofing material is very resilient to damage caused by the weather. It is capable of withstanding the strong winds created during a storm, rain that is pouring down on the roof, and heavy snow in the winter. That said, it can still become damaged during a hurricane or other natural disaster that produces incredibly strong winds. You should always inspect a cedar shake roof after a storm to look for missing or loose shingles, but that can also be said of any roofing material

Will Cedar Shake Require Special Care To Repel Insects?

Many homeowners love cedar shake roofing because it naturally repels bugs. The natural scent of the wood is capable of repelling termites, bees, and any insect that will try to burrow through the wood. It will maintain this property, even after the cedar roof has aged for many years, without the need to spray down the material with a special coating.

Why Does Cedar Shake Change Color?

Cedar shake roofing will change colors over the years, with it turning a color that is more silver and gray than a natural looking wood. This is nothing to be concerned about, so do not worry about having to replace these shingles when they change color. The change of color is a natural color, and some homeowners consider it part of the charm of having cedar shake roofing.

Will Cedar Shake Grow Fungus?

If your home is in a moist climate, know that cedar shake is more likely to have fungal growth on it. Your best chance of fighting it is to make sure that your home's roof remains in the sun all day long. Trim back tree branches that create large shadows, and remove debris that can trap moisture. The direct exposure to the sun should help kill off any fungus before it grows.

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