4 Tips For DIY Gutter Cleaning

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Planning on cleaning your gutters on your own? If so, it is not as simple as putting a ladder against your house and cleaning out the debris. These tips will help make your gutter cleaning much easier.

Know When To Clean

You will want to keep an eye on the weather to know when to clean the gutters. Ideally, it should be at a time when all of the leaves have fallen off the nearby trees, but not before the temperature outside drops below freezing. This will make it much easier to rinse out the gutters with water, which isn't possible if it gets too cold outside.

For homeowners that need to walk on their roof, pick a time during the middle of the day. This will help you avoid moisture on the roof's surface that can make it slick.

Wear Rubber Gloves

It doesn't matter how warm it is outside; it is always a good idea to wear gloves when cleaning gutters on your own. The gutters will be filled with leaves and various debris, which will be quite dirty if you need to reach in and dislodge a chunk of it. Avoid using fabric gloves that you'd use in your garden. Instead, use a rubber glove that will be easy to clean when you are done.

Know How To Set Up The Ladder

Don't make the mistake of placing the ladder against the brick or siding on your home. The ladder should actually extend above the gutters and rest on them. As for what angle to place the ladder, it should be about 75 degrees, or ¼ of the ladder's length when extended. If you need to walk on your roof to access gutters on an upper level, the ladder should extend 3 feet past the roof you plan to walk on.

Wear The Right Shoes

Your footwear choice will help ensure your safety if you need to walk on the roof. Stick with shoes that have rubber soles, which give you some traction on the inclined surface. Pay attention to the texture of the sole as well, since you want to avoid a shoe that has a fairly flat bottom.

While gutter cleaning isn't a fun home project, these tips could make it a pleasant experience. If you would rather not take on this job on your own, reach out to a company that provides residential gutter services that can tackle this job for you.