Preparing For Roof Replacement

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If you have scheduled a roof replacement, you need to prepare for the roofing project so that everything runs smoothly on the material day. Here are some of the preparative measures you need to take:

Ensure Roof Access

Make the home and roof accessible to the workers. Don't make the mistake of letting the roofers come to your house only for them to realize they can't get on the roof. This means there should be someone home to ensure the gate is unlocked, the path leading up to the house should be clear, and the area around the house should also be clear (for setting up ladders).

Get the Kids and Pets Out of the Way

It's also advisable to get your kids and pets out of the way on the material day, especially if the kids are young. This is necessary because there will be flying debris, falling tools, sharp tools and other dangerous things on the material day that can harm the kids and pets. Also, the kids and pets may get in the way of the workers if you don't take care of them.

Remove Ceiling and Wall Decorations

If you have ceiling and wall decorations, it's a good idea to remove them for the duration of the roofing work. This is especially necessary if the decorations are delicate. Working on the roof can generate considerable vibrations that may travel through the walls and cause damage.

Cover Up Things in the Attic

A typical roof replacement project generates considerable dust, and some of them will end up in your attic space. Since you don't want your personal items to be covered up in the dust, cover them up with a suitable material before the roofers begin their work.

Remove Roof Installations

If you have roof installations, remove them carefully before the roofers arrive so that they only get to work on the actual roof. Things like antennas, solar panels, and satellite dishes, for example, can get in the way of your roofers' work or get damaged if you don't take care of them early enough.

Inform Your Neighbors

Lastly, it's also good to be courteous enough to inform your neighbors about the impending work. This is because the roof replacement works may generate considerable dust and noise that may affect not only you but your neighbors too. You don't want your next-door neighbor to schedule a piano lesson for their kid on the same day you are tearing up your roof.