Is Your Garage Missing Gutters? Why You Need Them Installed

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Have you just purchased a home, but noticed that your garage does not have any gutters on it? If so, you may not think anything of it at first. Be aware that gutters play an essential role when it come to redirecting water from a roof, since there are several issues that can come up due to not having proper water drainage. Here are a few reasons that you should have gutters installed on your garage.

Gutters Prevent Flooding

Having gutters are necessary if you want to prevent water from getting into your garage when it rains. The rainfall that falls off the roof has the potential to collect around the doors of your garage, which don't always form a great seal on the ground. When the water has nowhere to go, it will eventually flow into your garage and get the floor wet.

Not only is water in your garage a hassle since it needs to be removed, but it can damage items that were on the floor that you wanted to keep dry. Having gutters will collect the water by directing it towards a downspout, and then force it to empty out far away from your garage.

Gutters Lower Humidity

Your garage won't have a basement, but the concrete slab it sits on can cause problem with humidity when you don't have gutters. The slab is capable of absorbing moisture, which will cause issues such as mildew, stains, and high humidity. In some situations, the concrete slab may even crack.

In addition, the interior of the garage can suffer from high humidity after a recent rainfall. The humidity can make it seem much warmer inside the garage than the actual temperature, which is due to all of that water collecting around the garage. Getting the water away with new gutters will help improve all these issues related to humidity

Gutters Prevent Erosion

Not having gutters also plays a role in the erosion of the soil around your garage. The water will collect and fall straight down from the edge of the roof, which can cause soil erosion directly next to the garage. You'll notice that grass has trouble growing in this are due to so much water coming down in a single place. Gutters will prevent this from happening, since the water comes out of the downspout in a single area on an incline, which is less likely to cause issues with erosion.