Could Your Roof Valley Fail? Learn How To Prevent It

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One place where a roof is prone to leaking is the roof's valley. It's a part of the roof where two sections come together to form a V shape, which is also a place where plenty of water travels over to drain off the roof and into the gutters. Leaks can be caused by accumulated snow and ice, or water finding its way through the smallest cracks in the material used to join the two roofs together. Here is what you need to know about preventing damage a roof valley.

Replace Old Shingles

Shingles are constantly exposed to the sun and wind outside. This can cause the shingles to eventually dry out and shrink, which can create fissures that let water get underneath the shingles and to your roof deck. Damaged shingles can even be blown right off a roof from strong winds, which causes the roof deck to be exposed to water.

You will need to have a roof inspection done periodically to replace damaged or missing shingles as soon as possible. You do not want to end up in a situation with damaged shingles you are unaware of, which cause all sorts of damage in the roof valley

Fix Bad Repair Work

The quality of repair work done on your roof may be what is causing the leak. Look for places where flashing and sealant have been applied, because they may be deteriorating and creating a place where water seeps in. Bad patch work will need to be replaced in order to prevent leaks from occurring.

Other problems that can cause leaks in the valley are improperly placed roofing nails. A professional inspection can look at the placement of the roofing nails and see how far away they are from seams.

Accumulated Debris

The roof valley can also be a place that traps various debris on the roof, which prevents water from flowing smoothly to the gutters. Leaves and twigs can eventually cause water to accumulate on the valley, which makes it easier for water to seep inside. In addition to cleaning your gutters, you need to ensure that the roof valleys are free and clear of debris as well.

These are just a few ways to prevent damage to your roof valley. For more information, schedule a consultation with a local roofing company for a professional inspection. They'll be able to catch many things that you would otherwise miss. For more information, contact a roof repair service.