4 Upgrades That Will Raise Your Home's Value Before You Put It On The Market

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Since you have decided to sell your home, you're likely doing everything you can to increase its value and optimize your profits before putting it on the market. Here are four home upgrades you can make that should raise your home's value and give you an opportunity to command more money for it:

Renovate the Basement

Turning your unused basement into a livable room is an easy way to expand the square footage of your home while increasing it's resale value at the same time. You'll save quite a bit of money over adding an addition to the main floor of your home, and you'll avoid the need to have plans stamped and permitted or to pay more in property taxes each year.

Choose a renovation design that a wide range of buyers would be interested in. Turn the space into a family room if the main part of your home doesn't already feature one. Create a game room for families to enjoy with one another. A home office or guest room may attract your target market. Learning about the wants and needs of the average buyer in your area should help you determine what type of space to turn your basement into.

Install a New Roof

If your home's roofing is more than just a few years old, it's a good idea to have it replaced with a more energy-efficient option. New roofing that's labeled as energy efficient will help you save money on HVAC costs throughout the year, which is something that potential buyers can appreciate when they're considering a purchase. And of course, that new roof will significantly increase your property value.

Choose a roofing option that features cool roof technology, as it is designed to reflect solar heat and should help the new homeowners optimize their energy savings year-round. The roof should come with a new warranty too, which is something else you can use to sweeten the pot when presenting your home to prospective buyers.

Fence Your Property

Another surefire way to increase the value of your property before putting it on the market is to have the perimeter fully fenced if it isn't already. Fencing will improve security and help keep stray animals off the property. It can also help privatize the property and keep prying eyes from passersby out. And of course, the fence will enhance the beauty and design of the property.

Vinyl fencing is an excellent option because it's easy to install, requires little maintenance, is non-toxic, and holds up well to weather and standard wear and tear. Vinyl fencing also happens to be more affordable than many other types of fencing, including wood and iron.

Re-Side Your House

By investing in a re-siding project, you can greatly increase the overall resale value of your home. New siding is sure to improve your home's curb appeal and help to make a good impression on potential buyers when they show up to take a tour of the place. There are a variety of options to choose from, including vinyl, which is lightweight and easy to maintain, as well as fiber-cement, which resists fires, rotting, and termites.

When choosing the color of your siding, consider sticking with neutral options. They tend to appeal more to potential buyers because they're warm and inviting. And neutral colors will allow buyers to easily imagine putting their own custom spin on the property if they decide to buy it.

With the help of these home upgrades, you should be able to optimize the asking price for your home and get it sold quickly after your real estate agent puts it on the market.