Adding Curb Appeal To Your Home With A New Custom Roof

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When you drive down the road and pass a house with a roof that needs attention, it will often stand out and can even make the home look run down or older. Missing shingles or tiles leave the roof looking sloppy and can allow water to get into the roof under the shingles. The damage to the structure from mold, mildew, and wood rot can be very expensive to repair if the roof is left in that condition.

Making The Old New Again

When your roof is starting to deteriorate, replacing one or two singles and patching the roof in small areas may help keep the water out but the shingles are going to be noticeably different and the roof is going to look patched together. Keeping the value of the home up and the property looking nice from the street might be easier if you replace that aging roof all at once. While it will cost more up front, a complete roofing replacement will save you time and money in gradual or more extensive later repairs.

Getting The Perfect Look

One of the benefits of replacing the roof on your home is purely aesthetic. A new roof will not only keep your home dry, but it looks good. You can choose from colored shingles that match or contrast your home or change materials completely and add redwood shingles or fancy clay roof tiles that offer a unique look to your home. There are a lot of options that can really make the home stand out from the others in the neighborhood if that is what you want. Functional roofing is important but there is no reason it shouldn't look good as well.

Alternative Roofing Materials

There are some really interesting materials that can add a great look to your home and function better than shingles. One of those materials is corrugated metal roofing, much like the material on the roofs of old barns and sheds. When using this on your home, it can perform better than traditional materials in some ways. For instance, in colder climates that face a lot of ice and snow, the metal roofing is harder for ice to form dams on. When the sun comes out, the metal warms up and promotes melting under the snow, allowing it to slide off the roof before it builds up too much weight as well. The metal roofing looks good on a country style home as well but can be hard to work with when installing it. The sheets are large, heavy and sharp so if you are considering a metal roof, you may want to hire a roofer to install it for you.