2 Roofing Options To Consider That Can Keep Your Home Cool

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One of the best parts about installing a roof on your home or replacing a current roof is the fact that You can use this as an opportunity to replace your old roof with one that can provide a number of useful benefits. Listed below are two roofing options to consider that can help you keep your home cool throughout the summer.


One of the first options that you should consider if you are trying to keep your house cooler in the summer is copper, mostly because the copper roof is going to be a very shiny and reflective surface. Now, the reason that that shiny and reflective service is so useful is because when the sunlight strikes that surface it will be reflected away from the house rather than absorbed like it would be if it were to strike a house that had a wood or slate roof.

As a result, the heat generated by the sunlight will not be absorbed by the roof or radiate down through the roof and into the rest of the house. This leads to your home being a few degrees cooler throughout the summer, which does mean that you can save a bit of money on your power bills because your air conditioner is not going to be as necessary or vital once you have the copper roof installed. Sure, you'll probably still need to use the air conditioner, but you would be able to use it less frequently and keep it on for shorter periods of time.

Ceramic Tile

Another roofing option to consider that can help keep your home cool is a ceramic tile roof. Now, the way that a ceramic tile roof can keep your home cool is due to the shape of the tiles themselves which allow for air to flow underneath them. What this means is that when the air flows underneath the tiles it will create an air buffer which will increase your home's insulation and make it for harder for heat to seep down into your home through the roof or for the cool air generated by your air conditioner to leak out of your house.

Contact a roofing contractor today in order to discuss what roofing options he or she would recommend for your home and which options will be able to help keep your home as cool as possible during the hot summer. Copper and ceramic tile are two ideal options to consider that can help keep your home a lot cooler. 

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