Benefits Of Heat Welded Roof Seams

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Most roof problems originate from the joints, for example, joints can crack open and start leaking water. This is why it's so crucial to choose the right method for joining roof seams. Some common methods of joining different sections of the roof include overlapping, the use of seam tape, and heat welding. The latter has several advantages that every homeowner should know, and they include these four:

Waterproof Seams

Other methods may let water leak through the seams, but it isn't likely with heat welded seams. This is because, during the welding, the different pieces of materials (such as vinyl) actually fuse with each other. This is possible because the high temperatures used for welding actually melts the materials enabling them to form a watertight joint. This means you won't have to worry about leaks even if water ponds on the roof.


As mentioned in the introduction, one of the problems with roof seams is that they deteriorate over time. This deterioration leads to cracks or small openings that not only causes leaks but also reduces the energy efficiency of the roof. Fortunately, heat welded seams rarely suffer from such forms of deterioration; the joints are strong enough to withstand exposure to different weather elements such as temperature fluctuations. In short, heat welding makes your roof more durable than other forms of roof joints.


Most people will agree that the roof isn't just there to protect the house; it also adds a certain beauty to the house. If you care about aesthetics, you will love the neat look of heat welded roofs which is possible since heat welding doesn't leave any protruding materials. This is possible because it is the actual materials to be welded that are fused together so you don't have to worry about the introduction of potential ugly materials (such as tapes) on your roof.


Lastly, you will also be glad to know that hot welding is a relatively fast method of joining roof seams. This is especially true if with automatic hot welders that can weld up to 20 meters of roofing material per minute. This means if you don't need to worry if need to repair or reinstall your roof during the wet season because you don't need a lot of time for the automatic welders to do their job.

The next time you are replacing your roof, ask your roofing contractor about heat welded roof seams. If heat welding is possible for your type of roof, it would be best to consider it given the advantages it will give you. For more information, visit websites like