3 Flat Roofing Mistakes to Avoid Making on Your New Business Roof

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If you just purchased a commercial building with a flat roof, you need to learn how to take care of your business's new flat roof. Here are three flat roof care mistakes that you want to avoid making.

#1 Walking Too Much on Your Roof

Although a flat roof is much easier to access and walk on than a traditional sloped roof, that does not mean that you should get up on your roof all the time. You should be careful when you walk on your roof. Don't spend too much time on your roof. Only go up on your roof when you need to clean the debris off of your roof or when you are having your roof inspected. Don't turn your flat roof into an extra patio or area to hang out. You and your employees should only walk on your roof if you are addressing a roofing issue.

#2 Putting off Repairs

The second mistake that owners of flat roofs often make is putting off repairs. You should not put off a repair to your roof. If you notice that water is pooling on the top of your flat roof, that water is leaking or staining the inside of your roof, you notice strange smells coming from your roof, or you notice any other signs of visual damage, you need to take action right away. The longer you wait to address the issues with your roof, the more the damage can spread and increase. The best thing you can do when you suspect that something is wrong with your flat roof is to get it inspected by a professional, get a quote for repairs, and then make an action plan from there to address the issues.

#3 Attempting Repairs on Your Own

If you do not have professional roofing experience, beyond cleaning off your roof, you should not attempt to do repairs on your own. You don't want to make mistakes on your flat roof. Flat roofs use different building materials and require different tools than your typical sloped roof. You cannot use the same techniques and tools that you use to replace asphalt shingles on your flat roof. You don't want to use the wrong materials or chemicals on your flat roof, this can lead to additional damage. Seek professional help with fixing your flat roof and educate yourself on the materials and methods use to repair flat roofs.