5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Metal Roof

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Asphalt shingles may be the most prevalent roofing material, but they shouldn't be your only choice for new roof. Once thought to be only for barns and cabins, metal roofs are fast becoming a durable and attractive alternative to asphalt and other common roofing materials. The following offers 5 fantastic and interesting reasons why you should make a metal roof your next investment for your home.

1. A Metal Roof Can Last for a Lifetime

When you use asphalt shingles, you can expect to get a couple decades' of longevity from them before it's time to have them replaced. Wood shake roofs usually last 10 years longer than asphalt, while fiber cement shingles last only 5 years longer.

A roof made up of galvanized steel, aluminum or copper, on the other hand, can last for 40 to 50 years before any serious work is needed. In many cases, an expertly-installed metal roof can last for the entire life of your home, making it the smart choice if you're interested in making a lifetime investment.

2. You Can Install Your New Metal Roof Over Your Existing Roof

Much of the cost of replacing a roof involves the tear-off process. According to Angie's List, homeowners paid an average of $11,095 in 2014 to remove and replace their roofing. If you don't want to go through the hassle and expense of a tear-off, you may be able to have your new metal roof installed over your existing asphalt roof.

However, there are a couple of caveats to consider. For starters, most building codes allow no more than two layers of roofing before a complete tear-off becomes mandatory. It's a good idea to call your local code enforcement agency for verification.

If there are any underlying structural issues with your existing roof, it might not be a good idea to install a new metal roof on top of it until these issues have been adequately addressed.

3. Metal Roofs Can Be Styled to Mimic Other Types of Roofing Materials

The best thing about a metal roof is that it doesn't have to look like metal. Metal shingles can be formed into a broad variety of shapes that closely mimic the look of wood shakes, slate and even Spanish tile. These shingles may even feature top coats consisting of granulated stone for a more authentic look. This way, you get all of the advantages of having a highly durable roof system while enjoying the excellent aesthetics of the mimicked materials.

Of course, you're not limited to using these types of metal shingles. You can also have your standard metal roof panels painted in a wide variety of hues to best suit your home's appearance. Some materials, such as copper, shine best when left bare.

4. A Metal Roof Offers Excellent Protection Against Wind, Hail and Snow Damage

In areas where wind protection is a must, a metal roof could be one of your best lines of defense. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, metal roofing can withstand most severe wind conditions, including wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour. It can also withstand hailstorms better than other roofing materials, including asphalt.

In regions that regularly see snow, metal roofing systems are valued for their ability to shed snow quickly. This prevents common ice dam problems that often pop up with other types of roofs. This helps preserves the structural integrity of the roof itself by eliminating avenues for water damage.

5. Metal Roofs Are Surprisingly Eco-Friendly

Who would have thought that metal would be one of the most environmentally-friendly choices of roofing material? Up to 95 percent of a metal roof's content comes from recycled materials, plus metal roofs can be recycled at the end of their usable life.

A metal roof can also save you a bundle on your utility bill. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roof shingles reflect large amounts of solar radiant heat. This not only results in your home being cooler, but you'll also save as much as 25 percent in cooling costs in the process. 

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